Are you winter ready? These five tips can make all the difference to a good night's sleep.

Are you winter ready? These five tips can make all the difference to a good night's sleep.

Brrrrrrr, gurrrrl it's getting chilly up in here! We've put together a list of our top five tips for helping baby sleep through the night in winter. 

1. Check yo temps. The perfect sleeping temp is around 20 degrees celcius. Remember temperatures drop through the night, and that even if babe is warm on the outside, breathing cold air can make them wake. 

2. Get those essential oils involved. Spending more time inside means germs spread like wildfire. And snuffly noses are often the cause of wake up through the night. Choose something natural and organic like Lively Living Sniffles and Coughs oil and even consider a cool mist vapouriser like this to help them stay clear through the night, and recover more quickly. Did you know you can apply essential oils to your baby's Cuddle Blankie? Just choose an area they're unlikely to chew heavily. 

3. Choose light layers over heavy bedding. Layering up on clothes and bedding isn't just the key to a better regulated temperature, it also helps you add or remove those layers easily throughout the night as the temp fluctuates. Our faves are organic cotton sleepwear, sleeping bags and wraps which haven't been treated with any nasty pesticides and guarantee there's no hidden elastane touching baby's skin. 

4. Sleep young babies on their back. If your baby isn't rolling yet, make sure you place them on their back in the cot. A wrap for those under 6 months of age can ensure they stay in this position, and it means they won't overheat. 

5. Sweating doesn't always equal hot. Head to babe's drawers and get out your favourite sleepwear - clothes often marketed as "cotton" have hidden elastane (you'll find this on the inner wash label). If something is very stretchy, elastane is often the culprit. This is an elastic (i.e. synthetic) that will actually cause babies and toddlers to sweat and overheat. This sweat is then chilled by the air around them, and they wake up because they are too cold! This doesn't just apply to bedding - always check if any toys older babies have in their cots are 100% cotton as plush synthetics will cause them to sweat

There you have it folks! Don't forget to check out our range of organic cotton baby sleep aids that make sure they keep at the right temperature through the night, and ideally (YAWN), stay asleep until a reasonable hour. 

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