Kippins: Australia's #1 natural baby comforter.


I am Safe. Loved. Brave.

For small but mighty little dreamers, our beloved Baby Comforters support your little one through life’s transitions and changes. A Kippin isn’t a replacement for love and cuddles, but a forever-friend who lets babe know that they are safe and loved – wherever they go. When used as part of a sleep ritual, a Kippin can help babe gently soothe themselves back to sleep (happily) without tears. Join our magical Kippiny world through our Sleepy-Time story, The KippinTales and make bed their happy place with our range of matching rompers, pyjamas and soothing sleepy balms. We’re for little eco-warriors, too. Our Kippins are made from pure, organic cotton that feels like your favourite t-shirt. There’s no fake fur to chew or inhale and our cotton is naturally breathable. Babe is saving the planet, too. Discover your favourite character today.

Australia's #1 natural comforter.

Our Kippins are made from plants, not plastic. So they're better for your baby, and the Earth. Created by a Mum who realised that babies chew and get close to their comforters, Kippins are made for baby to safely get up close and personal.