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Dreamy naps start here.

Where babe sleeps is just as important as how baby is sleeping. Creating a dream nursery space using soft and comfortable linen is essential to longer, deeper naps and sleeping better through the night.

Simple. Safe. Breathable.

Baby waking up every 40 minutes? Rocking, feeding or singing to sleep. Every. Single. Night? There's a simple way to get more sleep and it's called a Kippin Cuddle Blankie.  A comforter isn't a replacement for love and cuddles, it's a friend that reminds babe you're never far away (and ya know, you're the kind of person that likes sleeping and showering and stuff), and teaches them to fall asleep on their own - happily! Non-toxic, natural, safe, breathable and nasties free.

"We love our kippins! Total life saver in the middle of the night when our little one wants to find his dummy. It helps him to sleep through the night and helps me to get some much needed sleep" - Bonney H.

Sleep isn't a luxury.

We need sleep like we need air or water. It's a basic part of life. Not only is sleep essential for your baby's health and development - it's essential for you. More sleep leads to a happier, healthier family, and we can help you get it.

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