Kippins: Australia's #1 non-toxic baby comforter.

Australia's #1 non-toxic comforter.

You won't find any fuzzies on our comforters! Our Kippins are made from plants, not plastic. So they're better for your baby, and the Earth. Created by a Mum who realised that babies chew and get close to their comforters, Kippins are made for baby to safely get up close and personal and are naturally more breathable than synthetic comforters.

I am Safe. Loved. Brave.

For small but mighty little dreamers, our beloved Baby Comforters support your little one through life’s transitions and changes. A Kippin isn’t a replacement for love and cuddles, but a forever-friend who lets babe know that they are safe and loved – wherever they go. When used as part of a sleep ritual, a Kippin can help babe gently soothe themselves back to sleep (happily) without tears.

Ready to gift.

The Kippins come ready to gift in recyclable packaging, each with their own individual KippinTale Story Tag. The hardest part? choosing a favourite!

Simply Designed for Sleep.

No tricks or gimmicks, Kippins are simple toys designed for sleep. Based on consultation with audiologists and paediatricians, our Kippins are Intentionally silent to protect little ears and don’t make white noise or emit lullabies. Made from easy, breezy organic cotton and designed in consultation with sleep experts, they're the ultimate baby comforter.

Your babe's dummy has saved you through all sorts of WTF witching hours, right? They're a great tool for (some) parents, but the time comes when the dummy needs to go. Overwhelmed by the thought of taking away babe's beloved - you might not need to, yet? Read this first.
White noise can be an amazing tool to help your baby get to sleep, and it's a great option for naps on the go, or unfamiliar environments. Use it incorrectly, however, and it can have huge impacts on your baby's hearing and sleep patterns. 

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