The Dream Kit

Mist and soothe your way to a dreamy bedtime with our Dream Kit! Featuring a cuddly Kippins Baby Comforter, our Organic Bedtime Mist and a Balm

How to use me:

Mist our dreamy Bedtime Mist onto clothes, pillows and your cotton Blankie to soothe and calm the whole family, with Australian botanicals! 

Apply Sleep Balm to wrists and chest 30 mins before bedtime and watch the magic of more more than 10 powerful ingredients!

Hug and cuddle your Blankie for instant happiness!

This is the ultimate Kippiny Kit!

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    Microplastic free, where it counts.

    Babies and toddlers chew their blankies. It's why we made our Kippins from organic cotton and not plush, synthetic plastic microfibres.

    (NEW)  Dash Kippin Organic Cotton Baby Comforter (7621164040441)

    It's the little things.

    The Kippins were created by an Australian Mum, who was a newbie at this mum stuff just like the rest of us. It's why the Kippies are packed full of thoughtful little details that make parenting easier, and your little one fall in love.