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Can I use a soft toy as my baby's comforter?

Can I use a soft toy as my baby's comforter?

We can't get enough of cuddles around here - and we love big, squishy soft toys (especially when they're made from pure organic cotton). But there are some very good reasons why you shouldn't use a bulky soft toy as your baby's comforter or blankie. 

Soft toy baby

Soft toys like this one are super cute, but are they safe to use as a comforter?

1. They're not sleep safe.

Sleep consultants agree that a sleep safe comforter (for babies over 6/7 months of age) is something that is handkerchief sized, not bulky and lightweight. Most soft toys are bulky, fluffy and large enough to be classified as a 'gas trapping object' and impose a suffocation risk. Instead, use a comforter that lies flat. The head portion will still provide enough "squishy" for those cuddles (and for dragging around), but your baby will appreciate the soothing nature of the blanket portion, and you can rest easy with it in the cot. 

2. They're not safe for younger babies.

Ideally, a comforter will be introduced around 7 months of age. Often, soft toys are made with toddlers in mind. They include things like embroidery, buttons or other removable objects that could come loose if given to a young baby and chewed. Your child's blankie will be chewed frequently - so choose something that is very simple and natural and can be drooled on without any concerns (ensure there's no kind of battery or electronic in your child's comforter). Likewise, avoid anything made from plush (fluffy) or synthetic material. When your baby chews this, they will ingest or inhale the tiny particles. 

Note: Older children from 1+ can appreciate a larger soft toy. We make beautiful eco-softies!

3. They can be difficult to wash

Babies put everything in their mouth! Even machine washable soft toys are a little high maintenance - they're made for some low-key snuggling, not being dragged around through the dirt, dribbled on and chewed like a blankie is. Even if you can hand wash your toy, it could harbour unseen dirt, bacteria or other irritants. Choosing something simple that can be washed regularly (and which dries quickly) is key. 

4. It could be an expensive relationship

We are of the firm belief that you get what you pay for, especially when it comes to children's toys. Take it from us, good quality, well made and safe soft toys are often upwards of $60 each. If your child is using theirs as a comforter, it makes it unaffordable to buy a spare - or four! 

Remember, a baby can attach to any object. There's no wonder product that will lull your baby to sleep, sleep is something that they learn to do in their own time. Our products bring a little magic to your nap time routine, and make everyone feel good about bed time. 

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