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The story of the perfect nap.

Babe will be on their way to a longer, deeper nap wrapped in (or snoozing under) our 100% organic cotton (produced without harmful pesticides or finishers) a one of a kind story-print muslin wraps. Lightweight, breathable and nasties free, they're the perfect part of your Kippiny nap-time routine. 

These multi-purpose muslin wraps make the perfect baby swaddle, cot or bassinet sheet or lightweight blanket for babies, toddlers and beyond. 

Our muslin wraps feature magical scenes from The KippinTales that older babies love to snuggle under!

A muslin wrap is a new parent staple! Most parents you meet will have at least ten of these multi-purpose wonders! Our muslin wraps are special because they feature large prints, not a repeat pattern, meaning your baby wrap will double as a blanket, nursery styling piece or bed cover as your baby grows!

Our organic cotton muslin wraps are gentle on baby’s skin. Swaddle your baby in a muslin wrap for a longer, deeper nap (a muslin wrap works by preventing baby from startling awake due to the Moro Reflex). It is recommended that you stop swaddling your baby when they start rolling, this is when your muslin wrap becomes a beautiful lightweight blanket! 

You can put a muslin wrap over your shoulder to use as a burp cloth, or lay it on the ground on the go as a makeshift, washable rug! Need a quick nappy change without a change table? Hello, muslin wrap! Need to cover those legs in the pram from the cold or sun? Hello lap blanket!

Measuring a huge 120cm x 120cm (47 inches x 47 inches), you will use these every single day and they get softer with every wash. We recommend washing your organic cotton muslin wrap in eco-friendly washing detergent and allowing to dry naturally, or dry in a tumble dryer on a low heat.