Goldie the Leopard - Kippins

Goldie the Leopard

Meet Goldie the Leopard! She's the sleep toy of our dreams, ready to bring some jungle fun to your little dreamers. 

Goldie is a simple, safe and all natural sleep toymade from pure organic cotton(with no fuzzy plastic fur that baby can chew or breathe in). You can tie up to four dummies (soothers) to her self tie knots. They're also great for chewing and help soothe sore gums. When used as part of sleep ritual, Goldie becomes a symbol to help babe feel safe and secure - a sign that they come to recognise means it's time for sleep. Babies will use Goldie to gently self-settle - they may rub her ears, chew on her knots or nestle into her soft fabric. 

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