Baby Comforters

Plants, not plastic. Our microplastic and noise free Kippins are intentionally simple for extra Kippiny snuggles!

Bundle and save! Select one of our multi buy bundles - they're the best way to get Kippiny. Take it from us, you don't want to wait until your little one can't live without their Blankie to buy a spare - chances are, they will reject the imposter! Instead, introduce all of them in rotation, at once.

Easy breezy, cute little Kippins. You'll want to collect them all. Hot tip: they sell out, fast! If you fall in love, don't wait! Shop our in stock styles OR preorder your fave today - sometimes we sell out before our stock lands!

A Kippin Blankie is a simple toy designed to provided comfort and a tactile way to soothe for your baby or toddler. If you choose to use a Kippin for sleep, please always follow safe sleep guidelines. You can start using your Kippin Blankie as part of your supervised Sleep Ritual from birth - please find our comprehensive guide, here.  Red Nose recommend you do not leave a soft toy in the cot unsupervised until babe is older than 7 months of age. This is also the age from which your little one will start to fall in love!



    Microplastic free, where it counts.

    Babies and toddlers chew their blankies. It's why we made our Kippins from organic cotton and not plush, synthetic plastic microfibres.

    (NEW)  Dash Kippin Organic Cotton Baby Comforter (7621164040441)

    Mix n Match Mega Bundles

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    It's the little things.

    The Kippins were created by an Australian Mum, who was a newbie at this mum stuff just like the rest of us. It's why the Kippies are packed full of thoughtful little details that make parenting easier, and your little one fall in love.