Cuddle Blankies

Get more sleep. Naturally.

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Say hello to a calm and cuddly nap-time with our organic cotton friends that are made from lightweight, breathable organic cotton made with no nasties and no fuzzies! Intentionally simple, they make no noise (no rattles or electronics) that will disturb your babe.  A modern comforter for change-making babes!

Kippins cuddle blankies are part of the perfect nap-time story. Sustainably produced with pure, soft organic cotton, they are safe to chew and love!

We feel like your favourite t-shirt and our natural cotton absorbs scents (like you, Mama). Plus you can tie up to four dummies (pacifiers/soothers) to them, so no more midnight dummy runs!

Our baby comforters are extra special (or as we like to say, Kippiny). Not only are they made from the purest 100% organic cotton and naturally hypoallergenic, they come with their own story - The KippinTales! It's about a dreamy journey far beyond the yawns. 

Made with smooth, printed faces with no buttons or embroidery and breathable natural, organic cotton (produced without harmful pesticides and finishers), our baby comforters feature simple, bold prints that your baby will love from day one. Their large self tie knots that are perfect for curious mouths and can also hold a dummy! Shop from our range of 11 Kippiny characters.

A baby comforter is a sleep aid that provides a source of comfort for your baby to get to sleep without help from Mum or Dad. A Kippins baby comforter’s presence at every nap will become a sign for your baby that it is time for sleep. When they wake during their natural sleep cycles, their Kippins baby comforter will be there to help them fall back asleep easily. A baby comforteris also a lifesaver in times of change or stress – you will be amazed at the special bond they have with their friend. If you want your baby to learn to sleep in different environments, their baby comforter is a portable friend that makes it easy! A baby comforter is a source of comfort for your little one if they are sick or scared – and ours are ethically made and machine washable too!

Read more about what makes a Kippin the perfect baby comforter here!

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