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Organic. Because the only thing babe should soak up is the love.

What if we told you that making the best choice for your baby is just the beginning? What if we told you that you're helping to change the world?

Chewing, snuggling, wrapping. It’s high contact stuff. Brand new skin is like a sponge. It’s thinner, more porous and has less defences (like natural oils) to protect it from any nasties present in the environment.

Organic cotton & water-based inks are soft, breathable and gentle on your baby’s skin. A natural, Kippiny choice for our youngest little dreamers.

It’s surprising to hear that traditional cotton farming is water and pesticide intensive. It puts pressure on natural resources and can devastate the communities surrounding the cotton farms. Residue from heavy chemical use can leak into the local eco-system, and handling these chemicals can severely impact the health and livelihood of the farmers who grow the crops. Organic cotton farming uses natural methods of pest reduction and fertilisation to make the crops grow. It’s what Mother Nature intended.

Organic and ethically made

Organically grown cotton is better for the farmers, the community and the Earth.

Before it’s sewn, fabric is traditionally processed using harsh chemicals – bleaches, finishers. The residue of which stays in fabric wash after wash – and can get transferred to skin. It's often dyed with inks that contain traces of formaldehyde, heavy metals and other nasties. Our GOTS certified production chain ensures that the gentlest methods are used to process the organic cotton once it has been picked - right down to our eco-friendly and water-based inks that are soft on skin. We also believe that every member of our supply chain deserves fair wages, a safe place to work and standard working hours. We like to remember that all sewn products are handmade somewhere. Real hearts and hands that make our products with love. To support our philosophy, authentic Kippins products carry the GOTS logo. The Global Organic Textile Standard(GOTS) is the leading worldwide textile processing standard for organic fibres, including ecological and social criteria, backed up by independent certification of the entire supply chain. To promote your products as GOTS certified, every member of your supply chain, from the farmer who plants the organic crop, to the manufacturer who assembles the pieces, must be independently assessed by GOTS.

Because organically grown is just the beginning.

People and the planet, first. Thanks for being a part of our beautiful, Kippiny community x



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