Micro plastics: The Article That Blew up Our Insta

Micro plastics: The Article That Blew up Our Insta

When we shared a recent Daily Mail article about the presence of micro plastics in the human bloodstream, our DMs blew UP. 


Microplastics are tiny plastic particles that are found everywhere in the things we buy. Clothing, bedding and toys are one of the main culprits, with Microplastics being used to craft faux fur (sometimes called 'plush' that's often used in blankets and the toys we give our babies. 


These plastics can shed through use, and can then be inhaled or ingested. We knew that they made their way into our intestinal and the respiratory system, but this is the first time the plastics have been found in human blood. 

Microplastics also go down the drain when we wash our clothes, and plastic particles have been found in the oceans, and subsequently, the animals that live there. 

We created Kippins because we noticed that babies chew their comforters (a lot), and the idea of them chewing on micro-plastics was a little...hard to swallow (excuse the pun). 

We don't yet know the full impact of micro-plastics in the bloodstream, but recent studies suggest that inflammation, immune repossess and digestive irritation.

It's made our team look at the ways they can reduce Microplastics in their clothing, bedding and the toys they give their babies. 

We've rounded up a quick list of what you can do to reduce Microplastics in your life.

1. Look closely at your child's soft toys. 

Of all the things we need to look at closely, a baby comforter or sleep toy is probably the top of the list. They're given to younger babies, so this means a lot of chewing and snuggling/breathing in. Check the label - if it's made of plush fur it might be polyester (e.g. plastic). Older kids won't chew their toys as much, but they definitely snuggle them, so choosing a natural option is better. We're working hard to release our full range of organic softies! 

2. Check your bedding.

Natural fibres aren't just more comfortable, they're an investment worth every penny for your health and the planet. Look for linens, 100% organic cotton and other natural fibres. Our cot sheets are a good option, and for adults we love the I Love Linen range. 

3. Check your clothes

You know we're passionate about sleeping babe in natural fibres, so it's no surprise our range is made up of them. It's a little more challenging with ladies clothes. I mean, we're all for a linen moment, but it's hard for every occasion. A few brands we love that are doing amazing things are Zulu & Zephyr and Maurie & Eve. We've also started investing in more of a capsule wardrobe - buy well, buy less. It costs less (personally and for the planet) in the long run.

4. Use a Microplastics catcher in the wash.

There's a few of these available on the market, but these little. pieces of magic can help reduce the plastics going down the drain. This Guppyfriend washing bag is perfect for washing your Kippin and is a total planet saver. 

Have some ideas? We'd love to hear them! Chat with us through our website, send us a DM on instagram or contact us here



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