Date night with Bae (and babe). Our top five tips for a making V-Day work when you have a baby!

baby comforter


So this Valentine’s Day you’ll have a third wheel (or two) shaped like a baby? Here are our tips for a memorable time with Bae.

  1. Set the scene at home. If you can’t convince anyone to babysit, home is where it’s at. The dining table is probably covered with a tiny person’s clothes, so get all boho on your lounge room floor with some cushions and keep it casual.
  2. Ain’t nobody got time to cook. When you’re busy and exhausted, it’s time to hook up with Uber Eats or another come-to-you option.
  3. Double date. Getting babe started on a good night time routine with a special friend (when they’re ready) is the key to a more predictable night. Don’t worry if you’re not there just yet, but in the future a baby comforter like a Kippin can really help keep things on schedule!
  4. Roll with it. Just as your about to fork that first mouthful, babe will probably wake up. Roll your eyes, then just go with the flow – we promise it will only be a few years until you get your honey bunny back to yourself again.
  5. Clean it up. Tomorrow. Chances are you’ve had a busy day, (and maybe a little wine). Those dishes can wait, boo.

Wanting to start getting baby in a more predictable routine? It's all about creating patterns at bedtime that become a sign for baby that it's time for sleep. 

A baby comforter like a Kippin can be used as one of these signs. Shop our range here, find out why a Kippin is the ultimate baby comforter or learn more about introducing a baby comforter here.


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