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Cuddle 'n' Wrap Sleep Kit - Banksi

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The perfect sleep is just a wrap and a cuddle away with our new little Cuddle 'n' Wrap Sleep Kits, featuring a Banksi the kangaroo Cuddle Blankie in 100% organic cotton and a stunning matching muslin wrap!

Featuring a soft duck egg blue base with hints of pink, peach, teal, sunshine yellow and white, dreamy naps are just a hug and a wrap away.

Our premium quality muslin is lightweight, breathable and nasties free. it makes baby more comfortable, which we know will lead to a longer, deeper nap. Find out ore about our muslin wrap here.

We produce these separately to our Banksi Blankies and Pyjama range - so the colours might be a little different and our wrap includes a beautiful snapdragon yellow!


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