Making the switch to natural? Our must read tips on saying goodbye to babe's synthetic comforter.

Making the switch to natural? Our must read tips on saying goodbye to babe's synthetic comforter.

"I wish I'd found your brand sooner."

We get lots of parents contacting us to say that they were gifted and/or bought a synthetic comforter before having a proper understanding about natural vs synthetic. If you decide to make the change, is it possible to switch your baby's comforter? It's hard - but not impossible (and we think the benefits make it worth a try).  Here's our top four tips to ditch the fuzz.

1. Try to switch as early as possible.

To get the most out of a baby comforter, you need to introduce one as early as possible (while keeping in mind safety recommendations). This means introducing between the ages of 7-10 months of age. If your baby is within this zone, you might have more luck in switching! Read tips 2 and 4 for how!

2. Pop both in the cot for a while.

Already attached? Wean babe off their plastic comforter by popping in both their new Kippin and their existing comforter for each sleep. Do this for several weeks, even several months to help babe become familiar with, and ideally attached to both!

3. Offer the comforter at other times of 'happy rest'. 

This trick works for introducing your comforter, too. Offer the comforter at times when babe is happy but awake - such as spending time on their mat, hanging out in the pram or for a car ride. It makes them familiar with the Kippin and reinforces positive associations. 

4. Missed the window? There's another one coming up!

 Babies go through a second huge development change at around 18 months. It's similar in structure to the 8-10 month sleep regression. Many parents find that their babe will switch their 'transitional' object at this point - a previously loved comforter might get ditched for a new squeeze. Take advantage of the change and offer up a Kippin! This is also a stage where some kids 'change characters'. My son, for example, swapped Dash for Wolfie at this age. 

Have you tried switching your babe's comforter? 

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