Why is a Kippin the Ultimate Baby Comforter?

Why is a Kippin the Ultimate Baby Comforter?

A Kippin Blankie is a simple toy designed to provided comfort and a tactile way to soothe and provide emotional support for your baby or toddler. If you choose to use a Kippin for sleep, please always follow safe sleep guidelines provided by Red Nose. You can start using your Kippin Blankie as part of your supervised Sleep Ritual from birth - please find our comprehensive guide, here. However -  Red Nose recommend you do not leave a soft toy in the cot unsupervised under 7 months of age. For further information, please contact Red Nose directly. 

Blankies, sleep toys, loveys, baby comforters. There's lots of names for them (and most babies have one). We call them a Kippin. Our Kippins constantly sell out - in fact, 100,000+ babes and counting LOVE KippinS. So why are our Kippins the choice of Sleep Consultants and thousands of Mums around the world?

1. They're intentionally simple.

A baby comforter 'works' as a simple object that baby transfers their feelings of attachment to. Put simply, baby feels about their comforter the way they feel about you, and so when you can't be there, a baby comforter steps in. it's this feeling of safety and security that makes baby feel happy and safe enough to fall asleep, as if you were right there (only you're not, because you now get to go and do other stuff). If a comforter is 'working', it's mere presence puts baby to sleep (not anything it 'does'). With that in  mind, a baby comforter's design should be focused on what's an ideal toy for baby to sleep next to. It's why a Kippin is:

  • Made from 100% organic cotton and printed with low tox inks.
  • Crafted in a double layer custom cotton weave - we feel like your fave tee shirt, only a little thicker and snugglier.
  • No buttons, embroidery or batteries.

2. They don't make noise

Kippins = silent nights. We don't use lullabies, white noise or any other additional sleep props in our toys. Why? In developing our Sleep Toys, the Sleep Consultants we spoke to said that white noise should be placed away from the cot (and not too close to baby's ears), should be adjustable and should play continuously all night. Likewise, lullabies can get very small babies to sleep, but they become problematic and distracting for older babies. To 'work', they'd also have to play continuously all night. If you're looking for a complimentary sleep tool, we love the Glow Dreaming - it's functionality goes beyond being a noise maker!

3. Babies can safely chew and snuggle them. Like, a lot.

Comforters are traditionally made of faux fur - that's actually thousands of tiny micro-plastic fibres that have been smushed together onto a polyester base (plastic on plastic). Apart from being something that gets super hot (have you ever snuggled under a faux fur blanket?), it's not something baby should be chewing.

4. They're machine washable, and buying multiples is wallet friendly.

You need a spare. Read it again. You need AT LEAST one spare. A baby comforter is a high use object that baby chews, drags around, slobbers on and which gets really, really dirty. It means you have to wash them regularly (ours are machine washable), but that also means babe might get a little upset when their bestie is having a bath. A spare is also handy for different locations, or in case Kippie goes on a permanent vacay somewhere unknown! Introducing all of your Kippins at once in rotation is the best way to make sure babe attached to all of them equally. Our multi buy discounts mean buying a spare is easy. And if you calculate the cost of our Kippins per use (keeping in mind that kids keep their comforters often often well past their 7th birthday), it's a no-brainer.

If we haven't already convinced you that a Kippin needs to be on your list, we suggest taking a quick look at the range - one thing we haven't mentioned is that they're super cute and printed in our range of exclusive prints (with matching sleepwear, of course). Or you can always hear it straight from our fans by reading one of our 700+ five star reviews.

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