Baby Brainboosters: The top five benefits of reading to your baby.

Baby Brainboosters: The top five benefits of reading to your baby.

Babies can’t read, right? So is there really any benefit to reading to your baby? The answer is abso-Kippin-lutely, and we’ve rounded up the life-changing reasons below. 

  1. Reading aloud teaches babies about emotions: Babies learn to understand when you’re sad, happy, in need of one-thousand coffees or bursting with love from the sound of your voice. Listening along to books in which characters display emotions is an important way for them to understand how people feel and develops empathy – an essential part of being a good human.
  1. The more words they hear, the better their language skills long term: Many studies have shown that children who were frequently read to from the newborn stage have better language skills as toddlers. Just hearing words being spoken out loud increases the size of a child’s vocabulary. Just don’t come knocking on our door when your four year old asks a billion questions about the meaning of life at 7am (lol).
  1. It enhances memory and introduces new concepts: It can be a little ahem boring for parents to have to read the same story over and over again – but there’s a reason why kids love it! Children love the feeling of safety and security that comes with knowing what’s next – including in their favourite story. Hearing this familiar pattern of words and seeing familiar images is a great memory-stimulator, and your babe will feel pretty chuffed that they know the story!


  1. Books with high contrast visuals will teach them about shapes: Books with bright, bold, simple shapes are easier for new eyes to see and process. These contrasting visuals not only stimulate peepers, but they’ll grab baby’s attention from other distractions, such as the family cat who was just fed but is already saying they’re hungry. C’mon cat, ain’t nobody got time for that.
  1. It fosters a lifelong love of reading: Nobody – nobody – ends their days saying they wished they read less. Reading opens up a world of imagination, learning and fulfilment. Childhood is just the beginning – so let’s nurture a whole generation of little readers!


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