The KippinTales

The Tale of the perfect nap. 

Kippins' cuddle blankies are a simple, natural and proven way to make baby feel safe and secure, and to encourage self-soothing during times of change or at nap time. 

Research has shown that babies and toddlers with comforters experience less separation anxiety when you're not nearby and that baby comforters like the Kippins contribute to positive emotional development and can make your child feel more confident to explore the world around them. When your baby is trying to get to sleep, or when they wake naturally in between sleep cycles, our cuddle blankies can help them soothe themselves gently back to sleep - the perfect gentle sleep aid

More than a blankie. A little friend that's better for babe and the planet.

Our blankies are extra special (or as we like to say, Kippiny). Not only are they made from the purest organic cotton and naturally hypoallergenic, they come with their own story - The KippinTales!

These are the stories, dreams and adventures of the Kippins, Banjo the koala loves to sing The KippinTales by the roaring campfire in Camp Kip!

You'll meet Wolfie, the wolf who at night becomes a sky full of stars, and Dash, who uses the Kippi Sun as a nightlight to guide his adventures. Or Luna, the mouse who switches on the light in the Kippi Moon as soon as the stars are awake. 

The Kippins know how important it is to take care of the planet. After all, as Billie Kippin says 'nature is a friend to keep!'. it's a wonderful message to start a very Kippiny friendship! Read more about our eco-friendly and sustainable brand here



 Map of Kippi