Time to ditch the dummy? Here's expert tips from The Sleep Dept

Baby holding a Kippins comforter

"It’s not a problem… until it is.

 The issues arise when your baby becomes dependent on a dummy to transition from awake to asleep. That’s when it turns into an external sleep association. Basically, your baby begins to rely on this to fall asleep. This becomes one of the only ways they know how to fall asleep, so when they come to the light part of their sleep cycle, and they realise that the dummy is no longer in their mouth, they have no choice but to call out for someone to help them get it back in for them.
" Introduce a comforter.  A lightweight, breathable and handkerchief sized comforter is something that we recommend to help ease the transition (if you baby is over 6 months old)."
Ready to say goodbye to the dummy? Sleep consultancy The Sleep Dept has some great tips!
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