The Kippins family! Meet the people behind your favourite wild friends.

Kippins managing director Heather Rowland and family

Hi everyone! We thought it was high time we introduced ourselves. We're Heather, Dave, Jack (4) and Tommy (2), and we're the family behind Kippins. 

Less than two years ago, we launched our little brand with hopes of spreading the Kippiny love to homes around Australia and getting stocked in a few stores. 

Little did we know that we were creating something that people the whole world over would fall in love with, and that our Kippins would find their way to tens of thousands of homes in 23 countries!

So how did Kippins come about? And what does Kippins mean?

When I was pregnant with Jack, I was told I would never sleep again. I love sleep, so it was a big deal!

I was doing a lot of reading and I learned about a comforter - sometimes called a blankie or a lovie.

It seemed like a really magical thing, something that would calm baby down and help them sleep. So I set out in search for one, but couldn't find anything that I loved. With a baby on the way, I was also interested in products that were organic and made under ethical conditions

I've always been a creative person - I love books and drawing. I have a wild imagination! One night I had the strangest dream, and I sketched this little comforter in a notebook in the middle of the night. That sketch was to become our bestseller River Kippin

And the name? My Mum always said to me that you feel better after a kip (slang for sleep), and Kippins seemed like the perfect fit for our little tribe. 

Kippins are now stocked in more than 200 retail outlets in 23 countries and it is growing everyday. We both work in the business full time and we just LOVE it!

We have over 32,000 amazing friends on Instagram and 9,000 on facebook and we can't believe how lucky we are to have such amazing customers.

This year we've taken everyone to Kippi, which is where the Kippins live. It's a magical place that exists in the moments just before you fall asleep. We have a whole bunch of amazing new products coming out that we can't wait to share with all of you! 

Loads of Kippiny love, Heather, Dave, Jack and Tommy!

PS - Thanks to the amazing ladies at Little Me Collab for these gorgeous photos. We will treasure them forever!

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