Retailer Spotlight: Sember, Bournville, United Kingdom

Sember stocks Kippins baby comforters

Gorgeous Bournville is a picture-perfect village on the south side of Birmingham in the United Kingdom, made famous by Cadbury chocolate and now home to some pretty famous little faces as well – the Kippins ;).

We chat to Susan Hawkeswood from Sember, a gorgeous boutique located in magical Bournville, about her store, town and the local mama tribe!

What’s behind the name of your store?

Sember comes from September - for me a month of memories, dreams, hopes and wishes. We wanted a name that would fit with anything in case we needed to change what we sold in the store, the name needed to have longevity.

Describe your store in three words

Calm, interesting, overflowing

If you were a Kippin, which one would you be and why?

Billie Kippin under the moon.  We are all bears in our family so I would make a good Billie, plus there is something magical about the moon and the stars, a time for dreams and adventures

Kippins range of baby comforters

How do you choose the brands you have in store?

Where possible I have tried to stock brands that are organic, ethical, sustainable, natural, British designed, British made.  Not everything fits all of those categories but those are the things I look at. I also like to source from local independent small businesses.  It’s important to me that I believe in the product and I always ask would I buy it?

Sember stocks Kippins baby comforters

What’s been the best part about opening your store?

The response from customers has been brilliant, its always a worry until you open the door if you have got it right, if everyone else will like what you have created and like the products that you have selected.

What kids trends are you loving at the moment?

I like the monochromes and Scandi influenced styles. But I’m also a fan of the bold colours and prints.

Tell me what your town is like in three words.

Bournville is a village rather than a town but I would say historical, popular, organic.


Describe the vibe of your local kid and mama tribe. What are people buying?

It’s a real mix of parents and grandparents that shop with us, people love that they can pop down the road and get something a little bit different either for their own child or as a gift. A lot of my smaller, less well-known brands are doing really well.

You can find Sember shop at:

249 Mary Vale Road
B30 1PN Bournville

Visit them online

Sember on facebook

Sember on instagram @sembershop

Sember Shop on Twitter

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