Dressing for Sleep: Rompers Vs Two Piece Sets

Dressing for Sleep: Rompers Vs Two Piece Sets

Are you a romper mama toying with the idea of moving to a two piece set, or just unsure when to make the switch? Here's a few, quick tips to help you make the decision!

Rompers  - Great for younger babies (under 1 year)

  • Easy to zip and go 
  • Won't ride up and expose those tummies. 
  • Great for quick nappy changes 
  • Good for wriggly little people - they won't move around!

Sets - Great for toddlers and older kids

  • Teaching independent dressing - choose simple and easy to all on and off clothes 
  • Toilet training - easier to pull pants down and babe can learn to do it themselves!
  • Older kids can start getting longer in the torso  and are more active - so two piece sets can be comfier!

That's it! If you enjoyed this little bite sized snack of info, and know which way you're going to go, you can take a look at our range of organic cotton rompers and PJ sets here. the hardest part is choosing your favourite print:


PJ Sets 

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