Chloe's Luna Kippin Themed First Birthday Party!

Luna Kippin birthday cake candles

There was no doubt, says Melody, that a Luna Kippin themed birthday party was on the cards when her gorgeous daughter, Chloe, turned one.

"She honestly carries Luna everywhere," says Melody. "Little does she know that there are three of them that we constantly have on rotation!"

Starting with the invitations, the entire party was themed with our little moon mouse, with cupcake toppers, party favours and other Luna inspired decorations designed by Debra Bond Designs.

Luna Kippin first birthday party ideas

And can we take a minute for that cake? We just loved seeing Luna coming to life in edible form!

Luna Kippin cake topper

Actually, there were two gorgeous Luna Kippin parties for Chloe! With family interstate, Melody and her husband, Ken, made it double the fun!

Luna Kippin birthday party


To honour Luna and Chloe's very special friendship, Melody and Ken made a "Luna and Chloe" wall, sharing photos of all of the adventures they've shared together!

Luna is one lucky little mouse to have a special friend like Chloe! And yep, we're pretty much in tears over such a special event (x 2) featuring one of our Kippiny friends. 

You can find all things Luna and read her KippinTale here, she really is a very special mouse.

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