Busting the TOP FIVE Blankie myths. - Kippins

Busting the TOP FIVE Blankie myths.

Busting the TOP FIVE Blankie myths.

We've heard every single Blankie myth there is to hear since we launched in 2014. Here, we've rounded up the TOP FIVE Blankie myths that get thrown around!


BUSTING the top five Blankie myths


  1. A Blankie ‘puts’ your baby to sleep. The whole point of a Blankie is for it to be an independent psychological aid that the baby uses as a symbol for sleep - not as a magic sleep machine that’s making babe fall asleep. 
  2. Blankies aren’t safe in the cot. The reflect current Red Nose advice is that babies can use a comforter unsupervised from 7 months of age. They advise that 3D soft toys can’t be used under 12 months, long after baby is usually attached to something else. The ACCC advises that soft toys can't be used unsupervised before 12 months of age. 
  3. Blankies make kids babyish. Countless psychological studies have proved that babies with Blankies are actually more confident than their peers. Why? They usually have strong, positive attachments to their caregivers and will separate from them more easily, allowing them to explore their world while maintaining a sense of love and security. 
  4. It doesn’t matter what your baby uses as a Blankie. W R O N G. Your Blankie should be a toy that’s specifically made for this purpose - don’t use any soft toy you think is cute! There are strict safety recommendations for sleep Blankies, and most soft toys don’t pass the test. 
  5. Wait until your baby is attached before you buy spares. Don’t do this! Not only is it likely your baby will reject the new toy (even if it looks identical), the best way to maintain Blankie hygiene is to buy multiples and rotate them all from day one. That way, babe becomes equally attached to all of them. 

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