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New Wolfie v’s Old Style Wolfie

Hard when baby gets use to old wolfie. New one not attached to. Have to use old ones

Hi Karen! Once your baby has attached to an object, it’s nearly impossible to get to en to attach to a new object, even if it’s identical. So you can be rest assured that your babe’s obsession with their original Wolfie and not the new one isn’t because it ‘looks’ different, but because it’s not ‘their’ Wolfie. This is because babies attach to the object itself, not what it ‘looks like’. They’ve very clever in knowing when something isn’t the original. We recommend buying multiple of the same style and rotating these from day one, so that your baby gets equally attached to all of them. Likewise, don’t worry about your wolfies looking ‘loved’. It’s a tale as old as time for someone to love their ‘Blankie’ done to the last thread.

My babies bed friend

Banjo has become a part of our bedtime routine whether it’s day or night and gives Freddie something to hold onto if he wants to help sooth him to sleep.

Summer Terry Lounge Set

Beautiful lilac colour, soft, comfy and quality fabric

Banjo Kippin Organic Cotton Baby Comforter

So soft & cute

Love the lightweight soft nature of it, yet to introduce it to our newborn but no doubt she’ll love it 🥰

We love kippins!

Our son loves his Banjo and uses it to settle himself a lot in the night. We needed to purchase a back up one and received the best help from the team in finding one that had a similar shape to the one we have already. These make fantastic gifts for new parents as well.

Love our Kippins

We purchased a 2nd Kippin comforter for our daughter after she was gifted one from family for Xmas and wanted a backup for when they need to go in the wash. She's only 14 weeks old but loves settling for her sleeps with her Banjo and Banksi "Kippys".

A must have!

My son loves his Bam! We have been working on creating positive sleep associations and im so proud when i see him wake, reach out and cuddle into Bam; putting himself back to sleep. Ordering another to put in the cupboard ASAP.

The Dream Kit - Floss
Jordana Carlesso
Floss the Poss

Amazing! We introduced Floss to our daughter at 7 months and she loves it! It’s helps so much with the bedtime routine. One of the best baby purchases I’ve made! Highly recommend!

Great comforter

Admittedly this was a 3am purchase as needed a comforter to introduce to my 6 month baby!
Really glad I did purchase as it’s helped soothe her and because the soother is tied on she can find it at night now!

Have used the balm and mist and she has slept so much better! Not sure if it’s a coincidence but I’m going to keep using :)

Just love them!

Soft and cuddly! Kids love them and wasy to clean!

Perfect for attaching dummies so Bub can find during the night


Super cute character. The material is so soft and my little one loves it. The kippins tale is a beautiful book too


I’ve bought a quite a few of these now as gifts for family and friends and they receive the best feed back. Mums and Dads love them. I will be getting more when the need arises.😀

Cute design and pattern

Cute design and pattern, matches Dusty the wombat. The best part was the customer service, will absolutely purchase again and recommend to friends because of great communication

first reveiw

Grandson loves his Koala.

Dusty Kippin Organic Cotton Baby Comforter

Dash Long Sleeve Kip Zip Romper (OUTLET)
Zoe Knowles
Great quality cotton onesie

Our little guy gets eczema from non-natural materials and we looked everywhere for a nice cotton onesie. This one is perfect! Love how soft it is - and fits really well.

Lovely and effective

It took a while for my (8m.o.) baby to notice that their Banksi was around for each feed and sleep, but now she cuddles and fiddles with it and I reckon it helps her sleep through better. The design is beautiful!

Lovely product

I love our Banksi!! It's really soft and snuggly. Great quality - thick enough to last but not so thick that it's dangerous like the thick minky style of comforter. The face interests my daughter and she enjoys having a snuggle. I'm sure that in time "SiSi" will be a comfort to her at sleep and separation 💖

Beautiful quality

We love our kippins!! This is the third one we have purchased and I swear the quality gets better each time!


This is our third Dusty, my two year old has been in love with Dusty from the moment he was given him at around 7 months old. Took a little convincing with the new design but he's very happy with his new Dusty now.


Love our Wolfie comforter! Such great quality!

Bam; our 4th family member - we'd be lost without him - hot tip; buy multiples!

Kippins came recommended by a friend when were were transitioning our little one away from a dummy. He quickly took to gorgeous Bam; and now at nearly 3yrs old, he is loved more than ever - look forward to choosing our next Kippin soon for our baby girl!

Great comforter

My baby loves it!

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