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first reveiw

Grandson loves his Koala.

Dusty Kippin Organic Cotton Baby Comforter

Dash Long Sleeve Kip Zip Romper (OUTLET)
Zoe Knowles
Great quality cotton onesie

Our little guy gets eczema from non-natural materials and we looked everywhere for a nice cotton onesie. This one is perfect! Love how soft it is - and fits really well.

Lovely and effective

It took a while for my (8m.o.) baby to notice that their Banksi was around for each feed and sleep, but now she cuddles and fiddles with it and I reckon it helps her sleep through better. The design is beautiful!

Lovely product

I love our Banksi!! It's really soft and snuggly. Great quality - thick enough to last but not so thick that it's dangerous like the thick minky style of comforter. The face interests my daughter and she enjoys having a snuggle. I'm sure that in time "SiSi" will be a comfort to her at sleep and separation 💖

Beautiful quality

We love our kippins!! This is the third one we have purchased and I swear the quality gets better each time!


This is our third Dusty, my two year old has been in love with Dusty from the moment he was given him at around 7 months old. Took a little convincing with the new design but he's very happy with his new Dusty now.


Love our Wolfie comforter! Such great quality!

Bam; our 4th family member - we'd be lost without him - hot tip; buy multiples!

Kippins came recommended by a friend when were were transitioning our little one away from a dummy. He quickly took to gorgeous Bam; and now at nearly 3yrs old, he is loved more than ever - look forward to choosing our next Kippin soon for our baby girl!

Great comforter

My baby loves it!

Sweet and heartfelt

A book about he simplicity of the love between a mum and her Bub… Very cute

Seconds - Baby Comforters (all styles)

My bubba is in hospital and gets separated from me at night. I picked kippins cause of the cotton and that my smell would stay on his comforter. I was skeptical that he’d even care for it - so opted for a seconds as a trial but from Day 1 he fell in love with his Kippins. He always sleeps with it and looks for it when asleep or awake. He even smiles when he sees it!! GREAT STUFF GUYS!

Very happy with our Coco

Very happy with my pirchase of the Coco Kippins. It's very cute, love the patterns and colours and it feels so soft. My daughter loves it and will smile when she sees it. It's also definitely helped with settling at sleeptimes.

Love these comforters!

I’ve bought 4 of these now as gifts for friends, 1 x Banjo and 3 x Goldie and they always go down extremely well. Fast shipping to the UK and I love that they’re made of organic cotton. I just love the facial expressions and the size of the heads for small hands to hold onto. I think they’re great!

Seconds - Baby Comforters (all styles)
Summah Amos

My son loves it!
Still a great product
He has had his original for four years but after a lot of chewing an sucking on we got the seconds an it fits perfectly in our family


My boy loves his BAM comforter. I watch him on the monitor snuggling into him.. it’s so sweet.

Second daughter obsessed

Was gifted a Banksi for first daughter. When I found out I was having a second child first thing I bought was Banjo! My second daughter is obsessed as my first with their kippins. Can’t go to bed without. Huge assist at bedtime.

Dash Read to Me Kit
Corinne Wilson
Dash - Read To Me

Beautiful product, my 5 month old loves to hold cuddle and chew on him. The gorgeous bright colour is divine. Overall really really happy with this product and company!

The BEST comforters

We absolutely love our Kippins! We now have the matching romper it’s the perfect set! I love that they are cotton and wash so well and dry quickly! We will be sure to add more to our collection 😍

Splits Kippin Organic Cotton Baby Comforter
Would recommend

We heard about Kippins from a friend and introduced them to our little one when it was safe. He has since had a few different ones and takes them to bed with him every nap and bedtime. My only frustration is how discoloured the edges get from him sucking on them, I have tried a bunch of things to get them back to white but nothing has worked, but I can still wash them and they are clean and have bought more to replace worn out ones so still recommend.

Hi Tearna! Glad to hear your bub is loving Splits. Oh the pesky staining! Did you know that some babies have an enzyme in their saliva that causes this discolouration on natural fibres. Your Kippin is made from organic cotton - the best and safest option for bubs! You will find if your baby has a love to dream swaddle, for example, and they suck the hands, this will occur also. You can try soaking and having back ups for frequent washing

Goldie Kippin Organic Cotton Baby Comforter

Dash Kippin Organic Cotton Baby Comforter (Original)
Natasha Clements
So much love!

We have so many Kippins for both our boys. They are so dearly loved and the biggest comfort. They were so amazing for my eldest that when I found out I was pregnant again I went and bought 3 new ones in preparation. They are my go to baby gift!

(NEW) Dash Kippin Organic Cotton Baby Comforter
Jemma Robinson

Cute, cuddly & safe — perfect gift for a little one 🧡


7months little man loves his Banjo and his 3yo sister loves playing with Bajno and him and giggling. great for small hands to grab - although Banjo does have a big (wide) head. I got two - but thinking I should have got three


Purchased a couple of Banksi comforters for my daughter. The quality of these comforters is next level, they are soft and the pattern is to die for. I love that the head is soft and big enough for Bub to grab, she particularly loves to roll around in the cot with her Banksi by holding onto her ears!

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