Retailer spotlight: Bambino Manly.

In the heart of Manly, a beach side suburb in Sydney, Australia you’ll find Bambino Manly, a gorgeous store packed full of unique goodies for kids and babies (including our Kippins)! We talked to Bambino’s owner, Susan, about her passion for discovering stunning products with a focus on keeping our planet happy for the next generation.

Tell us how you got started.

I have run a traditional toy store in Freshwater (Wonders Toy Shop) for over 6 years, but overtime I realised my real passion was for developmental, educational, ethically made and natural material toys for babies and toddlers (0-5y) I found a beautiful location on Sydney Rd, 2 mins from Manly Beach! So Bambino Manly was born. Bambino Manly - shop for little ones offers only the safest (like organic cotton) and most beautiful wooden and, ethical playthings for preschoolers. I basically run the business myself, however I do have lovely, friendly and helpful staff who also work in the store, including my gorgeous daughter. 

Describe your store in three words.

Beautiful, Welcoming, Eco-friendly

Bambino Manly interior

If you were a Kippin, which one would you be and why?

I would be Luna Mouse - I am a night person and love the moon and stars. I love Luna’s happy face, her colours and her heart-shaped nose. 

How do you choose the brands you have in store?

I prioritise Australian owned, ethical companies who focus on care for the environment, ethics in production, fair trade, quality materials, workers human rights and children’s safety. Organic and natural materials. Well designed products that are beautiful (or cute), educational and practical.

Wooden toys at Bambino Manly

What’s been the best part about opening your store?

Being able to offer high quality and beautiful playthings for the most precious people - our babies and children. To offer caring parents and grandparents gorgeous alternatives to plastic, and battery run/computer or electronic toys.

What kids trends are you loving at the moment?

Loving the modern mum’s embrace of hand-made wooden toys and natural materials such as wool & organic cotton for their bub.

Tell me what your suburb is like in three words.

Manly is: Beachy, Fun, Cosmopolitan

What are people really into right now?

I think finally recognising how disastrous the effect of plastic and plastic toys are on the planet their children will inherit. And understanding the high cost of cheap products and realising it is better to have a few quality things than a floor full of cheap and nasties.

You can find a huge selections of Kippins goodies in store at Bambino right now, including our Cuddle Blankies and Rattles. Find Bambino on facebook or visit the shop:

Bambino Manly 
39 Sydney Rd 
Manly NSW 2095 

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