Babe number two on the way? Read this first.

Baby brothers asleep in bed

So a new little bundle of awesome will be making their way into your world soon! It’s an exciting time, but for an older sibling it can be a little overwhelming. Things are about to change, and feelings of jealousy, resentment and changes in behaviour (the not-so-great ones!) are really common as your little one tries to process it all.

And despite all of your excitement over the arrival of the new baby, it’s also completely normal to feel overwhelmed and a little sad. After all, the idea of it no longer being just ‘you and babe’ against the world can be a bitter pill to swallow.

It’s exactly how I felt before the arrival of my youngest son. I remember crying the day before I was due to be induced, looking at my son playing and thinking it would be the last time we were together in that way, just me and him.

What I can tell you is that in those moments they placed my second baby boy in my arms, I swear my heart doubled in size. Now two little boys live there, in that space I thought only had room for one. It’s magical, that little thing called love.

Here’s some tips on helping to ease the transition:

1. Take a trip down memory lane. Now’s a great time to bring out your old scans and photos of your older babe from your pregnancy and when they were a newborn. Let them know what a special time it was, and how they are still your whole world (even if it is about to get a little bigger).

2. Make them feel like it’s their baby, too. Get them to help pack your hospital bag, decide on decorations for the new nursery (if you dare), or pick out some new clothes for the baby together. Our go to for new babies is the organic cotton range by Milk and Masuki! Too cute.

Siblings with Dash Kippin baby comforter

Photo via Instagram: @sweetlittlestory

3. Pick out a gift. There’s nothing sweeter than letting your older child pick a gift for the baby when he/she is born (we’ve heard Kippins are super cute ;)) and it’s a gift that will encourage a lifetime of memories). A little tip: buy your older child the same gift (maybe in a different style), so they don’t feel left out and it gives them something in common with their new sibling!

4. Make it a date. When baby arrives, that newborn stage can be all encompassing. If you can, get someone else to look after baby at a regular time, even if it’s just to spend 20 minutes playing blocks or reading stories with your older child.

Siblings with Bam Kippin comfort toy

Photo via Instagram: @mytribeofsix

5. Talk it through. If your child is old enough, let them express how they feel about the baby. Nothing is right or wrong, just acknowledge their feelings and then talk about how exciting it will be when your family is even bigger, think about all those adventures!

Siblings with Kippy Kippin baby comforter

Photo via instagram: @quinn.and.theo

Featured photo via instagram: @kyloreign

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