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Scout Kip 'n' Cuddle Sleep Kit - Long Sleeve

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Our new Kip 'n' Cuddle Sleep Kits not only bring those #matchymatchy vibes - they're an essential for a good night's Kip.

Scout the Kookaburra has a super cute, soft, short beak (yep, quite a bit shorter than those Kookas in the wild). This makes it safe to chew and explore for little mouths!

Zip babe into our long sleeved romper that's breathable and comfortable, and helps regulate their body temp and give them their matching friend to cuddle.

Sleep never looked so GOOD!

They'll help bubba sleep by:

✔️ Regulating body temperature
✔️ Organically grown cotton and eco-inks mean no itchy nasties!
✔️ A simple, no battery, no fuzz, no embroidery sleep toy that works using natural methods of attachment!

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