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Bibs Dummies Double Packs - Size One

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The dummies everyone is raving about! Available in the most delicious range of colours, we've curated a section to perfectly match our beautiful Blankies! Tie one to each leg and stop those midnight dummy runs!

    Size one - suitable for most babies from birth until 6 months

    The BIBS Colour pacifier has been a bestseller for more than 30 years and is still the most iconic baby accessory and highly loved pacifier. The natural soft latex cherry shaped nipple and matte lightweight shield is designed to be the most similar shape to a mother’s breast and is therefore recommended by midwifes to support natural breastfeeding – as both the specific length and shape of BIBS Colour gives the baby the right sucking technique at the breast. The round light shield faces away from the baby’s face to ensure the supply of air to the sensitive skin around the mouth. The pacifiers are all made of highest quality and are completely free from BPA, PVC and phthalates.

    Nipple shape: 100% Natural Rubber 'Cherry' shaped nipple like mother’s breast, the favourite pacifier for most children.
    Material/size: Natural rubber latex size 1, 2 and 3.
    Size 1 & 2 are suitable from birth.
    Trend: Inspired by baby fashion of the season – always in the most popular colours to match the outfit.
    Function: Claimed by Midwifes to support natural breastfeeding caused by the length and shape of the nipple.
    Design: Iconic round lightweight shield, with a visible gathering.
    Safety & Care: Compliant with the highest of safety standards.
    Quality: Designed and made in Denmark.
    The nipple is equipped with a vent hole, letting out the air to make the nipple shape naturally like the breast. The nipple is produced from natural rubber latex. The rubber is a natural material – colour variations may occur. The shield is made of polypropylene (PP) – a very light plastic material with a high strength and is extremely wear-resisting.
    3 SIZES -
    BIBS Colour is available in 3 different sizes. We have stated an approx. age for each size, but this should only be used as a guideline. The anatomy of small children is different, and some children prefer a larger
    or smaller nipple. We therefore advise you to try what fits your baby
    Remember to replace it after 4-6 weeks, in regular use!

      Available colours (Double Pack has two dummies):

      Ivory + Blush

      Sand + Iron

      Cloud + Sage

      Smoke x 2 (a medium misty grey)

      Petrol x 2 (a beautiful deep blue with inky undertones)

      Heather x 2 (a stunning soft mauve)

      Blush x 2 (the perfect dusty pink)

      ** Please choose carefully as refunds and exchanges are not available on this product for hygiene reasons (no exceptions).

      Care instructions:Sterilise each dummy before use by boiling in water for 3 minutes, setting aside to dry and cool. It is recommended that dummies replaced after 4-6 weeks of use. Do not use a dummy that shows any changes in colour or irregularities. Examine your dummies regularly for wear and tear and discard if worn. Because it is made of natural rubber, the nipple may expand a bit with use.

      The Bibs story:

      Born in a small town, Esbjerg, Denmark, Bibs launched as a family owned company with the mission to create a natural latex pacifier made from only the best materials.

      Fast forward 40 years, and Bibs has developed what is now one of the most popular 100% natural rubber pacifiers worldwide and a reputation for a product that always delivers function, style and premium European quality.

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