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Kippiny FAQs


Items purchased via preorder do not have a guaranteed delivery date. If you purchase in-stock items as well as preorder items, all items will be shipped once your preorder items have been fulfilled. 

We strongly urge that you do not purchase a preorder item if you need it for a specific date, or alternatively if you wish to secure a preorder item, we recommend placing two separate orders with one set of in stock and one set of preorder items. 

Delivery timeframes

Please note that COVID-19 is still impacting delivery to some locations. Kippins Pty Ltd is not responsible for delivery delays as a result of COVID-19.

My order hasn't arrived, or something is missing.

Oh-oh! That's not very Kippiny! If you are waiting for your order, please ensure that you are using the tracking link provided with your shipping notification. Please make sure that the maximum estimated shipping time to your destination has passed. This is up to 7 working days for domestic packages and up to 20 days for international packages (please see above for impacts related to COVID-19). Didn't receive one? Check your junk mail. If there still isn't one there, it is likely you incorrectly entered your email address at checkout (it happens to the best of us). Email us to sort it out. If there are missing items in your order, we will require you to fill out a legally binding Missing Items Declaration. Contact us for your form.

At what age is it safe to introduce a Kippin to my baby?

Our Kippins have been safety tested to European (EN71), Australian/NZ and USA safety standards as suitable from birth when supervised. Please always follow safe sleep guidelines for your home country if you wish to use this product in your baby's cot. In Australia Red Nose) support the use of a comforter without supervision in the cot from 7 months. The ACCC recommends unsupervised use from 12 months of age. Please contact each of these organisations directly for clarification or support. 

There are many ways for you baby to safely benefit from their comforter. For example, you can  introduce your comforterto your baby's night time routine (so when feeding and reading) from the very beginning, so that both of you get used to having your Kippin at every sleep. You can then remove it from the cot prior to 7 - 12 months of age.

Pop your Kippin down your top so that your scent is absorbed on our natural organic cotton. It will remind your baby of you when you can't be nearby!

Can I Get A Refund Or Change My Order?

Check out our Delivery & Returnspage for the low down. Please note that proof of purchase is required and items cannot be returned unless they are in new condition in original packaging. Clothing cannot be washed or worn.

What’s my Kippin made from?

We use only the purest, softest organic cotton that is produced ethically and sustainably, so it's gentle on baby and the earth! Our Kippins have GOTS certified recycled poly-fill stuffing. This is made by recycling polyfill that would have gone to landfill!

How Do I Wash My Kippin?

Wash your Kippin in a cold or warm machine wash and allow him/her to dry naturally or tumble dry on low heat. If slight creases appear, simply iron these out with a warm iron, but avoid ironing the head. Do not bleach - this includes harsh products such as Napisan and White King. It's best to also pop your Kippin in a lingerie bag or similar to separate them from the rest of your wash. Remember that our Kippins are printed using safe, water based inks. This means that they made fade a little after the first wash. It's a sign that there's no nasties, and we think that this makes them even more squeezable! Not following the washing instructions or washing in anything but cold water will cause severe fading and shrinkage and compromise the construction.

General wear and tear

Babies love Kippins! They love to chew and pull and fling them all around, and we love it! Please keep in mind that Kippins are a natural cotton product and therefore some general wear and tear over time is completely normal. When this occurs will depend on how your product is treated (how strong and rough babe is, and how you wash and care for it).

We cannot replace items that have worn over time and products purchased more than 3 months prior to you contacting us will not be replaced. If you note anything awry with your Kippin upon receiving it, please contact us immediately. We definitely suggest buying more than one so that your baby is never without their special friend and so that they all experience the same amount of wear and tear over time and so that you have a spare in case your Kippin decides to go on a permanent adventure. 

One thing we recommend to parents is to introduce all of their spare comforters at once, by rotating all of the different spares each night/sleep. this ensures your child becomes equally attached to all of their comforters. It is unlikely once your child is attached to a specific comforter, that they will attach to a brand new one. This is because the child has become psychologically attached to that specific object (not what it 'looks' like).

What’s GOTS?

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibres, including ecological and social criteria, backed up by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain.

The aim of the standard is to define world-wide recognised requirements that ensure organic status of textiles, from harvesting of the raw materials, through environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing up to labelling in order to provide a credible assurance to the end consumer.

Textile processors and manufacturers are enabled to export their organic fabrics and garments with one certification accepted in all major markets.

Only companies that produce products with full certification of the supply chain are allowed to market their products as GOTS certified (including the manufacturer), as this system assess environmental and social factors as well.

We currently use manufacturing partners in India and China.  

Do You Ship Worldwide?

We sure do! Pricing varied depending on the country you live. Tracking is available to most areas, and you will receive a tracking link with your order confirmation. Keep in mind that different countries have different import taxes. Check what the thresh hold is in your country before ordering. You might also find Kippins available in your country. Check out our stockists page to find your closest store or contact us!

Who Designs These Wild Friends?

Our lovely Kippins and other awesome products are all designed in Australia by the team at Kippins. All designs are protected by Copyright and we have trademarks in place in the majority of countries. Please make sure you only purchase Kippins from retailers listed on our stockists page (or this website). There are many, many counterfeit Kippins available on marketplace websites. We decided to do some investigation on these, only to discover that they are made in pet toy factories, and with unsafe materials. You will not find genuine products for sale on large, discount websites.

What do you mean by ethical production?

Our team has personally travelled to the factory where our products are made to ensure that nobody was exploited to bring you our little friends. Our factory is assessed by third party bodies regularly to ensure that workers are paid a fair wage and work in excellent conditions. We can also trace our entire supply chain, so we know that every element in the product has been ethically produced or procured.

Your Kippins are made with love from the time the seed is planted in the soil to your little dreamer's hands. 

I saw your products available on a bulk goods website, is it the real deal?

Nope! Don’t buy counterfeit products that you see on these websites. They won’t look like the pictures, they haven’t been safety tested and copies like this are often made in the factories where they make cheap pet toys, using toxic dyes or old materials. Please don’t give these products to a child.

Any stores found selling counterfeit goods will be pursued under International copyright law.

We only sell via boutiques, department stores or via our web shop. You’ll never find new Kippins for sale on eBay. If you’re unsure whether the Kippin you intend to purchase is fake, please get in touch via our contact page.

What Currency Is Your Website Using?

All orders are processed in Australian Dollars (AUD). Our store displays prices including Australian GST (Goods and Services Tax) for our Australian customers. If you are ordering from outside Australia, you will not be charged GST however you are charged a slightly higher price for the product, equivalent to our Australian GST. 

How Do I Order?

Via our online ordering system. Kippins accepts Visa and MasterCard payments as well as PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Afterpay, Zippay and Sezzle. All credit cards transactions are encrypted via SSL and are processed securely. We also offer payment via PayPal with PayPal's Buyer Protection for additional peace of mind. Please visit PayPal's website for terms and conditions -

Are You Interested In Collaborating With My Brand/appearing in our magazine/blog?

Definitely! Send us an email with your ideas!

I Want Your Kippins In My Store, How Do I Make This Happen?

We're currently not accepting wholesale applications. But feel free to reach out to join our contact list.

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