The KippinTales Book

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  • The KippinTales Book
  • The KippinTales Book
  • The KippinTales Book
  • The KippinTales book  banjo Kippin
  • The Kippintales wolfie kippin
  • Reading the Kippintales
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  • The KippinTales Book

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Far beyond the yawns in the moments just before you fall asleep is a place called Kippi. 

Take your babe on a dreamy journey with a singing koala, a mouse that lives in the giant Kippi moon, a wolf who becomes a sky full of stars and more unforgettable Kippiny characters with the first in our series of KippinTales books.

The book tells the Tales of a magical world where your favourite Kippins characters live, with lyrical prose that will soothe your little one before nap time and teach them about the importance of kindness, friendship and looking after the planet. It's eco-friendly and it looks GREAT for those #shelfies too. 

Includes all ten Kippins characters (please note that illustrations reflect our current range)

21 x 21cm and beautifully illustrated over 26 pages

Hardcover book printed on paper sourced from sustainably managed forests with eco-friendly soy ink.

Designed in Australia, ethically made in China